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Silky Glitz & Rowhouse Grit

Michael Van Maele's Spring 2011 Collection.     Read More →

Booda Monk airbrushing

Booda Monk: A hip-hop pioneer

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Designed clothing, boom boxes, vinyl records, and other creations pop and sizzle behind Booda Monk’s tattoo shop window at 132 25th St. His palette takes from Baltimore’s day and night sky, the colors of which he would study and compare when he was learning his craft. Booda paints koi fish on canvasses and laid-back yet [...]     Read More →

Jake Adams

Art 101: Jake Adams

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Baltimore, despite its multitudes, is more often associated with crime than the visual arts. It may surprise those who have only viewed our streets through the HBO filter that Baltimore is home to some of the country’s most remarkable art institutions. Not your typical football team-and-biology lecture undergraduate experience, the Maryland Institute of Creative Arts [...]     Read More →


Touch art: the BMA’s new hands-on approach

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In a community with such polarized demographics, how does the Baltimore Museum of Art appeal to the average working-class citizen? With the opening of the Baltimore Museum of Art’s Warhol: The Last Decade exhibit on October 17 came a cavalcade of Warhol-related events and evenings geared to incite the citizens of Baltimore to pass through [...]     Read More →