Booda Monk airbrushing

Booda Monk: A hip-hop pioneer

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Designed clothing, boom boxes, vinyl records, and other creations pop and sizzle behind Booda Monk’s tattoo shop window at 132 25th St. His palette takes from Baltimore’s day and night sky, the colors of which he would study and compare when he was learning his craft. Booda paints koi fish on canvasses and laid-back yet [...]     Read More →

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Chatter: with Russ Smith

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When I meet up with Russ Smith at his unassuming Falls Road cottage-cum-office, the season’s first storm is raging with pride and gale-force winds. As rain thrashes at the windows and his two sleepy employees patter around downstairs, Smith spouts off on the irrelevance of print dailies, how he nearly flunked out of Johns Hopkins [...]     Read More →


It’s All About Bacon

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When I was a child my parents forbade me to put maple syrup on my pancakes.  But I loved the taste of the sweet, sugary syrup mixed with the crunchy, salty bacon.  Maybe my parents saw the mixing of the two as a crude, or maybe they never tried it and didn’t know how delectable [...]     Read More →